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Thursday, October 7, 2010


First off, let me apologize about the heavy surface noise on this record (although it starts playing much cleaner around the 1 minute mark). This sucker is very very rare so I am happy to have a copy in any condition and I would bet that most everyone who hangs around here will be able to enjoy it anyhow, right? Somewhere in my twisted mind I think I personally may even enjoy it a little bit MORE with the crackles; they add a nice ambiance that matches nicely with the mysterious, late night feel of the record. Plus, if I had a near mint copy of this one I'd be afraid to look at it, touch it, and most importantly of all, PLAY IT!

This seems to be the only release from Los Angeles singer Vonciel Myers (if you know any different, please write and let me know). If the male/ female call and response vocal trade off intro doesn't grab you, I'm gonna predict that Vonciel's sweet, almost naive voice is gonna melt your heart when the lead vocal comes in. Then, the bizarre instrumental bridge and key change comes in and almost ruins the song; however, all that is good and decent prevails and the final verse brings back the sweetness and restores all that is right in the universe.

I'm guessing the year.

from 1967?...


Anonymous said...

I just saw this via a link to ebay going for $1500 - not sure if it's an old posting or current.


Anonymous said...

hey derek,
EVERY SINGLE WORD of what you wrote is true

bart charles said...

This seems to have a Brenton Wood type feel & he's from LA also. But what did they sniff when they played the bridge!!

Jem said...

Excellent side. Thank you!

dale said...

totally agree with your comments regards this fantastic piece Derek.
Im lucky enough to have a copy to after 3 years of searching just seemed to be out of arms reach...one of the great d/siders