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Thursday, August 15, 2019


When I put this site to rest a few years back, it was mostly because I felt the records I was featuring weren't up to a high enough standard by that point. However, it sure is nice to come across an occasional gem that gets me fired up about 45's again. This is one of those kinda records.

I was familiar with (L.A soul group) The Autographs, as their uptempo stomper 'I Can Do It' was an early feature on this site, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear this sweet soul mini-masterpiece and welcome it into my collection.

Apparently, this group was working with (west coast Motown producer) Hal David, and they were likely the backing voices heard on several Brenda Holloway records. Hal hooked them up with the tiny Los Angeles label Joker, where they cut a few records of their own. Another Los Angeles R&B legend, Chester Pipkin, produced and co-wrote this gorgeous track.

It's dreamy, propulsive, and features some glorious male/ female vocals on top of an excellent song; the type that had serious hit potential if it would have fallen into the proper channels.