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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It always amazes me when I go to do the daily entry on a record that is highly revered in certain circles (in this case, this tracks has been a northern soul fave since the early '70's) where there is basically no information on the artist (and for that matter, the producers and writers of the track). Perhaps it's a one off, but the name Chuck Wood turns up on other records (who knows if it's the same person? From what I understand, those other ones are pretty lousy).

THIS record, has it all; a classic stomper on the a side, and a gritty, down home funky r&b track on the b-side. Pure record heaven! Also note the price tag on the label; some lucky cuss got this record for fifteen cents once! Oh, to be able to go back to the early 70's record remainder bins when nobody but the english were buying 60's soul records.

from 1967...



phil daniels said...

you should check out the dexys midnight runners version on their debut long player, searching for the young soul rebels. classic record that.

little billy sunshine said...

once heard, never forgotten!

Anonymous said...

Nice! They forgot to actually record the drums on the B-Side tho... ha!

Out In The Street said...

Loved that song since the day I first heard the Best Northern Soul Allnighter Ever compilation when I first wet my feet.

I've never actually looked the record up itself, its interesting to know it was on Roulette. I'll keep my canadian fingers crossed I come across it some time when I see that ol' popular orange and yellow roulette label.

Anonymous said...

Nice one! The Dexy's cover was how I first came to this song, but then again, Geno, their ode to the non-Detroit Geno Washington was how I first heard of northern soul. (I was young and living in the south of England!) W.