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Monday, June 15, 2009

Two Very unique DJ sets

This past Saturday, a very good friend had a birthday bash and her party theme was rock n roll. I was a bit nervous putting together sets because I've NEVER played all rock sets before. I didn't think it would be possible to avoid soul or funk and keep a party "up" but I think these were alright, and people were dancing just about all night til about 4 AM! I have to admit, it was lots of fun and I wouldn't object to doing it again, although there were times that I was just DYING to throw in some soul faves. So hopefully these will help fight the Monday blues for those of you at work needing something to groove to. Email me (dereksdaily45@gmail.com) if you need a track list. WARNING: these are BIG files so they will take a little while to download.

As always, these sets are strictly from vinyl and there is no post trickery of any sort.

June 13 2009 Mix #1

June 13 2009 Mix #2


Anonymous said...

We have insufficient access to get at the 1st file... :)

Derek See said...

It may be a little tricky, but it's definitely downloadable. I tested it! I had to use humyo because the file size is 56mb.

Unknown said...

Cannot get access to first file either. does humyo let you set access rights? if not there is always mediafire.com very reliable and fast.

Derek See said...

OK, I figured it out...Somehow it got switched over to a private file. It's now public again so d/l away!