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Friday, June 12, 2009


Another one where both sides are justified for inclusion, another one in which very little is known about the band!

"Trypt On Love" (actually the b-side) has been a HUGE favorite on the northern soul scene since the 70's, but a search for info about the band yielded nothing. What a great song it is, although it was probably written as a psychedelic exploitation track.

The actual "a" side is a very excellent cover of the Sly & The Family Stone hit.

As usual, if you have any more info, PLEASE let me know!

from 1969...


tarchin said...

oh man, yet another great record - love your blog!

Dick Baglio said...

Uhh, I'm the drummer from Wakefield sun. Would be interested to know where you got the record. I will also provide any infor you would like about the band based in Long Island, NY

Derek See said...

Hi Dick! Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to correspond with you about the band! Please email me directly; dereksdaily45@gmail.com

BrianW said...

Great to finally get a glimmer of info about this great tune. I'd always had it figured from the paisley-tinged end of blue-eyed/northern soul, and it looks like my ears have been proven right!