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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


An absolutely incredible record, seems as though this is the only release from both the group and the label. I am assuming they were from the L.A area, as the label lists a Beverly Hills address. As always, if anyone has any more info, PLEASE write!

The song has a vaguely Latin flavor, with an arrangement and vocal to die for.

from 1967...



Bob said...

Not the only release on the label : Kammy was a subsidiary of Lute Records, founded by Al Kavelin in 1960. Other acts on the same label were : Shuggy (Ray) Smith, the New Hollywood Argyles and The Bushmen.

Louis Hollingsworth wrote both sides and was perhaps member (leader ?) of the Isonics. Anyway, he was later leader of The Gangsters of Love who recorded in 1973 a LP for Capitol. You can hear a clip of two of their songs here : http://mr.aura.county.cowblog.fr/the-gangsters-of-love-s-t-1973-2760466.html

Also, L. Hollingsworth produced a truly rare 45 (and now very expensive) : Pee Wee, Shuck and Huey “Beside Myself (You’re All I Got)” b/w “I Know We’re In Love” (Flagg). “Beside Myself” was included on the CD compilation (yes, you guess right) « For Millionaires Only ».

Derek See said...

Thank you for the info, T!