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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


First off, I have to say that the image used for this posting is not mine. If you own the image and want it removed contact me and I'll immediately take it down.

This is perhaps the second most valuable/ rare soul 45 of all time (second to the legendary Frank Wilson "Do I Love You...").

Of course I do not own an original (there are maybe only 2 known copies), but thanks to the fine folks at Jazzman records in the UK, this record is available as a high quality reissue 45. In fact, I just submitted a transfer of my copy of Barbara Lynn's "Mellow Feeling" to Jazzman for a reissue they will be releasing next year. Glad to play a part in making THAT incredible record (only 20 or so known copies, of which I'm lucky enough to own one!) available to anyone who is interested.

Back to Junior; sadly, right at the time this record was scheduled to be released, Cincinnati singer Junior died at age 24, either of a brain tumor or motorcycle accident (depending on the report). Out of respect for his families' wishes, this record was pulled from release. It's always a tragedy when one dies so young, and it's especially a tragedy that this record was not released (at least one, maybe two, white label promos escaped) as it is an incredible song and performance. Many records that sell for thousands of dollars just leave me scratching my head in confusion; sure, they may be rare but the price typically does not add up to the music in the grooves. One of the promo copies turned up on ebay about a year ago and reached the epic number of $15,099 when the hammer dropped.

from 1967...



Maggie said...

Wow. Very unusual. He reminds me of Prince.
Very sad story.

Anonymous said...

and the seller bought it for 50 cents at a flea market !!

Keep up the good work Derek

Anonymous said...

the sellers name is mike hamer he is my father it was at the flea market in sincinnati ohio it is called pedlers flea market and the record sold for over 15000 dollars....

Family Memeber said...

Junior (James) McCants was my uncle and he died of a brain tumer at 24, not a motorcycle accident. His children currently have his gold record plaque.