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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I love the stripped down, raw production on this record with its wild lead organ. This is one of Jean's early sides which was produced by Huey Meaux; after her run of singles in the mid sixties, Jean went to work as a baker until the opportunity to cut 'Mr Big Stuff" presented itself, giving her a much deserved smash hit that crossed over to the pop top ten.

This song has that great 3 AM session feel, and Jean's vocals are top notch; dig her phrasing and incredible pitch!

from 1965...



Heart of the Wood said...

Oh, this is fabulous! - she sounds so weary. I don't know her name at all, but must find Mr Big Stuff now!

Unknown said...

I remember being blown away the first time I heard jackie Wilson's performance of this song. I am now sitting here with a huge smile on my face listening to Jean Knight amaze me with her rendition. Very cool. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

A very nice record. Thank you (once again).