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Monday, June 14, 2010

MOD Chicago DJ set for download!

Here's my entire set from MOD Chicago, 11 June 2010 at the Dark Room, Chicago. No edits, no trickery or funny business.

Download HERE

Lonely For You Baby- Sam Dees
This Gets To Me- Pookie Hudson
Adorable Lola- Los Shakers
Out Of Sight- James Brown
If I'm Guilty- Towanda Barnes
I'll Be Gone- Freddie Scott
Hide & Seek- Lillian Dupree
Why- The Dirty Wurds
Crooked Woman- Edd Henry
Levitation- 13th Floor Elevators
No More- The Symphonics
Are You Satis-fied- The Three Degrees
Slow Fizz- The Sapphires
Landslide- Tony Clarke
Nobody But You- The Wooden Nickles
Feathered Fish- Sons Of Adam
I've Gotta Face The World- The Bobbettes
Sugar- The Isonics
I'm Stuck On My Baby- Irene & The Scotts
Midnight To Six Man- The Pretty Things
Monkey Man- Gene Burks
My Heart Is In Danger- Alder Ray
I Lost A Good Thing- Gwen Owens
I Wanna Be Your Dog- Stooges
Magic Potion- Open Mind


JEM said...

Great set. Thank you for posting this one.

Anonymous said...


greets from hamburg

Álvaro Tarik said...

Great set. Dunno why a Stooges tune in a "mod" set, but it sounds good anyway! It adds a touch of garage-ish sound. I love the Pookie Hudson's track!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog !!!!