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Monday, February 21, 2011


This incredible b-side from the Genius was Ray's release just prior to the immortal "What'd I Say", and taking that track along with this one is almost like hearing the birth of the soul style. I know it would be be downright silly to try and pinpoint what the "first" soul record was, but between this track and the two parts of "What'd I Say" the mold was certainly cast and the blueprint drawn.

Written in collaboration with Percy Mayfield (one of the greatest, most underrated songwriters of all time), this track seems to be relatively forgotten by most. I'll admit, I didn't have it in my collection of 75+ Ray Charles 45's until I found this lovely French EP last summer.

While this track was relegated to a b-side, this track alone could show somebody who had never heard any of Ray's music (perhaps a visitor from another planet?) the immense genius of this artist; those vocals, that organ, the rhythm and those Raelettes; leaves me speechless.

from 1959...


BrianW said...

Totally agree - this is an awesome track. One I've always been a fan of - and you're right for it's being in contention for the debut Soul record. Great site - keep up the good work!

Brian W @ The Vinyl Consultancy

Alberto Cos said...

Hi derek,

I totally agree with your opinion. This theme isn't only incredible, but shows how Ray Charles supported his peers. In this sense, the phrase he repeats on the organ all along Davis Fathead Newman's solo is one on the hardest swinging moments I can remember. Additionally, this B-side has reverb that was taken off the digital re-issue of the song. For this, I have to confess I cannot download it from divshare and I would like to have it. Could you pass it to me through any other way? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

One of my all time favorite Ray Charles tracks. His Atlantic output really cooked during this era. Interesting French EP you posted. I have the US 45 issue of this.