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Friday, December 27, 2013


Hailing from Winston-Salem, NC, The "5" Royales were a VERY important group in the evolution of soul music- their recorded output in the 1950's combined their gospel roots into secular R&B, much in the same way that Ray Charles (more famously) did as well. James Brown acknowledged his debt to the influence of The "5" Royales, going so far as to say he modelled his own Famous Flames on the group, and also recording their song "Think" several times.

The group released a few gospel records in the early 50's as The Royal Sons, but by 1952 they began recording secular music and changed their name to The "5" Royales and continued with more or less the same lineup until 1965. This smouldering hot R&B side was released twice- first on VJ Records in 1961, then again on the Home Of The Blues label in 1962 (the same recording was used for both).

from 1962...



Unknown said...

Tracing back the roots of admired artists like James Brown is an exiting thing to do, thanks for pointing in the right direction!

Matt Nauseous said...

Awesome, thanks!