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Friday, January 31, 2014


 Another great one has left us: James Shaw, aka The Mighty Hannibal, aka King Hannibal.

I featured this primal dance jam during my first year of posting here at Daily 45, and it was around the same time I was fortunate enough to catch him live at The Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans. even though the man had lost his sight (due to glaucoma), he put on one HELL of a show, albeit a too-brief one.
Hannibal cut his great '60's records in his home base of Atlanta, and he cut quite an image onstage, often wearing a gold turban (which he wore at the 'Stomp, much to the delight of the crowd).  'Jerkin' The Dog' is one of those records that I've DJ'ed in several cities and countries and no matter WHAT shape the party is in, this record immediately connects with the loins and groins of folks of many cultures and gets things MOVING.

After the release of the controversial (and spectacular) anti-Vietnam War single 'Hymn No 5' in 1966 (which featured another great dancer, 'Fishin' Pole' on the flip side), Hannibal spent a year in prison, which (fortunately) broke him of a nasty heroin addiction. His records in the early '70's (as King Hannibal) took on a funkier edge that showed a new found spirituality.

Thank you for the amazing music and for sharing your unique vision with the world, Mr Hannibal. You will be missed.

from 1965...


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