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Thursday, August 24, 2017


(first posted 9/16/08)
Gene Chandler was featured MANY times on Daily 45.  I absolutely love the guy, and am fascinated with his career which found him not only as performer, but also songwriter, A&R man, and producer. Gene also worked closely with the incredible creative forces behind the Chicago soul sound (Curtis Mayfield, Carl Davis, etc) and his choice of songs, writing, arrangements, and vocal style is (in this writers humble opinion) are the epitome of (Chicago) soul. This is a tricky record to find, as it was released at the very end of the line for Constellation Records. The label was out of luck, out of money, and out of hits and very few copies were pressed/ distributed. In a way, this record was ahead of its time, in that it shows a much harder edged soul sound (here, the guitar takes front and center in the mix) that started to be more prevalent within the next few years.

from 1966...


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