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Saturday, February 16, 2019


(originally posted 11/10/09)

When I originally wrote about this record (nearly ten years ago? WOW. Can't believe how time slips away), there was little to no information out there about the group or the record, and the same rings true today (although we do know that this was a Los Angeles record). At the time, I had the UK reissue from the mid 70s and for years I've casually searched for an original copy, as this is truly one of my favorite soul singles. Thanks to a good friend and a great deal, this well loved (but still great sounding) OG copy is now in my stash.

Many of these mysterious records have seen information come to the surface in the internet age, and one of the coolest aspects of writing this blog was that many of the relatives of the artists would come forward, and in a few occasions the artists themselves did, more often than not touched that anyone still could be excited about records they made many years ago. Sadly, no more info has come to light on this amazing one-off record.

They don't come more exciting than this quick rush of energy! Kicking off with a guitar riff that could have stepped straight off of a psych record from the same year, a swirl of strings and then a POUNDING four on the floor drum beat, we're then graced with the glorious, powerful vocals of the Vel-Vets, with all of their infectious 'WOO's' and a lead vocal that captures the yearning of the lyrics. They don't come any finer.

from 1967...


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