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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Commotions - Somebody's Got To Go

I admit it; after listening to so many 45's thru the years, stuff can easily slip thru the cracks. Thanks to shuffle play on my trusty ol' ipod though, it's quite often that something pops up that gives me a reminder of how great it is. When this one came on, it REALLY floored me. It's so good, how could I have forgotten about it? A quick search of this ol' blog showed that I had never featured it! Hard hitting, funky jams with female vocals full of fire? You KNOW I'm 100% on board, and this record has that kinda vibe in full effect. I wish I knew some biographical info; the group released one other 45 on the Blue Rock label (which featured mostly Chicago artists), and their producer worked with artists from several regions. If you know more, please write. I think the universe works in powerful ways, as the time is right to feature this jam and dedicate it to the Trump administration, 'cause it's TIME TO GO.

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