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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Talk about a forgotten oldie (well, at least in terms of what American "oldies" radio has spun since I started tuning in when I was a kid). This song, the first hit from this veritable group, charted high on both the r&b as well as pop charts. Released on the Motown subsidiary VIP, this record takes a little bit of the Detroit sound (especially in James Jamerson's incredible bassline), the Philly vocal harmonies, and rhythmically reminds me of the great late 60's Chicago soul sound. Plus, the song was co-written by Stevie Wonder. What a beautiful song, and absolutely perfect Sunday listening music.

from 1970...

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Anonymous said...


I love coming to your site everyday and passing your site link to everyone I know. Thanks for all the goodies (and the comments about each)!!!

If you've got any cool psychedelic pop, I'd sure love to hear whatcha got!!