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Monday, August 31, 2009


Does ANYBODY know anything about this record?

Other than the fact that it's a masterpiece of song arrangement and was a northern soul staple in the early days of the scene, this is one of those big "head scratcher" records. The label says c1963 but I just don't believe that year; sounds much more like '65-'66 to me, but who knows.



Funky16Corners said...

It's probably no earlier than 1965. The Fairmount 45s have that early date on them like the Cameo stuff does. It's a Super K (Kasenetz/Katz) production. Ritchie Cordell did a lot of songwriting and production for them. I've never heard of the singer before.

Darcy said...

Just like one-der-ful (and mar-v-lus? - can't remember without checking). Both these labels also have the "permanent" 1963 year, presumably their founding year.

Quick bit of research on t'net:
- globaldog Fairmount discog starts in 63 and then the release numbers change and 66 is quoted.
- a soul-source contributor points to anorak corner and the Monarch matrix stamp which would also date it as 66.

There again, I think it sounds a bit earlier than 66!

KL from NYC said...

Fairmount was a subsidiary of Cameo-Parkway when Neil Bogart was there (so the copyright date is probably due to the old-style label). Super K was Kasenetz-Katz, and Kaskat Music was one of their music publishing outlets. They all went to Buddah-Kama Sutra Records (to start the Bubblegum Music era), and you can find credits on Buddah-Kama Sutra by songwriter Ritchie Cordell and arranger Artie Butler (both on this Fairmount label). Cobblestone Music and Cobblestone Records can be found on Buddah's discography; they might be connected with Neil Bogart. (Neil Bogart later founded Casablanca Records during the disco era.)

bunkerhilled said...

Hi, A great record "Super k Production", Artie Butler and Richie Cordell involvement, The only Fairmount records i have come across in 35 years of collecting was an offshoot of Cameo /Parkway from Detroit area I believe, seems like a 66 release too. Ed

Derek See said...

Thanks all!

Another release that I have on Fairmount is Lonnie Youngblood- Go Go Shoes (featuring Hendrix)