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Friday, November 13, 2009


Composed of Barbara Gaskins & niece Brenda Gaskins, this group released a half dozen or so 45's before Brenda, burned by the music business, quit. Barbara continued on, playing guitar for Inez & Charlie Foxx and eventually ending up in disco group Ecstasy, Passion & Pain. A google search reveals she is still playing guitar and singing professionally. Yeah, that's always nice to hear.

This record has a great, female Sam & Dave kinda feel...

from 1964...



frankai said...

great tune ,thank you !

richard gray said...

I'm sure you know this tune was on the B side of Brook Benton's first biggy,'It's just a matter of time',
he is credited as a composer.

John DeAngelis said...

Very nice! I've never heard of Heidi Records--distributed by Atlantic, too!
Co producer Bert Keyes is really the late great Bert Berns, and from the sound of this record, I'll bet he was also responsible for the arrangement.
Thanks for posting this!