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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Born in St Louis (where he began his recording career in a band called The Blue Notes, a different group than Harold Melvins'), Chuck Bernard relocated to Chicago as a young man. Despite his obvious talent and excellent material such as this, he didn't make much of an impact on either the local or national charts.

This was his debut Chicago recording under the guidance of genius Monk Higgins.

Yet another example of an excellent singer who slipped thru the cracks.

from 1964...


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1 comment:

Jonas said...

Hi Derek,
What a great track, Satellite/St.Lawrence surely issued many winners! The single is not from 1964 though, that is an error in the Soul Discography from Eyeball. I'm pretty sure it was issued in 1967, it was predicted to reach the R&B charts in Billboard February 18, 1967.