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Thursday, February 9, 2012


The Flame (aka The Flames) were an extremely popular young group in their native South Africa when they decided to move to London in 1968. While on a tour with The Beach Boys, Carl Wilson spotted the group and was bowled over by their impressive songs and musicianship. The Beach Boys had recently started their Brother Records label, and he signed the group and moved them to Los Angeles where they recorded their Brother LP which proved to be their final release. This single is taken from that album, and sounds as though it walked off of a 1967 Beatles release! It would fit right in on Magical Mystery Tour.

Shortly after The Flame split, Beach Boy Dennis Wilson injured his hand which prevented him from drumming; the 'Boys recruited Blondie Chaplin (guitar) and Ricky Fataar (drums) to become Beach Boys, and they were key members during the group's rebuilding popularity as a strong live act, culminating on their excellent work on The Beach Boys In Concert LP. Ricky went on to play Stig O'Hara in the brilliant Beatles spoof "The Rutles" in 1978.

from 1970...


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