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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Fresno, California (located in the hot, dry central valley) is as far away culturally from L.A or San Francisco as Iowa. I'm not knocking those areas, simply stating that the areas are far more rural and less progressive and free spirited as the coast.

Taking into account their geography it makes it that much cooler that such a great single can come out of an area like this. Road Runners were a TIGHT garage band (just the type that I love) and their instrumental and song craft were shown to great affect on this record. The production on this record, while raw, is excellent- the big mass of instruments (organ, fuzz guitar, sax, those pounding drums) are all heard very clearly with the vocals framed in perfect sonic space.

A truly excellent record that could have been a big hit had it seen bigger distribution.

from 1966...


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