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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Sultry Chicago soul (although recorded in Memphis)  from three young ladies (Veronica Gonzalez, Linda Jackson, and Dottie Hayes) who were still high school students when they were discovered (at a talent contest) by Denise La Salle (the excellent Chicago singer who gave us "A Love Reputation") and her husband Bill who briefly ran the Crajon label.

Three years after their debut ("Hey Romeo", a modest hit) this is the third and final release from the Sequins, and they certainly went out with style! The track is gorgeous with an excellent lead vocal and divine harmonies. Lead singer Linda Jackson is believed to still be performing in Phoenix as Lyn Jackson.

from 1973...


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Anonymous said...

Thanks, great song and what a great group. I believe The Sequins actually have atleast four releases though. The one you posted as well as the one you mentioned in the description,(Hey Romeo/I've Got To Overcome) but also two others released on Crajon and Fantasy (Third Degree/Someday You'll be Mine and Anyone Can See/I Get What I Want). Definitely pick those up, if you don't have them already, very cheap and very good.