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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


(originally posted 12/11/10)

An absolutely STORMING track! Every second of this track from the double time drum intro to Gigi's massive performance just flat out COOKS.

Other than the familiar name Vernon Harrell on the label (he wrote "Seven Days Too Long" for Chuck Wood among a handful of other incredible tracks) I can't find any hard facts on who Little Gigi is/ was, other than she cut a duo record with Vernon (haven't heard it, but it's certainly on my radar as one to check out.)

from 1965...



bolius5 said...

Stab in the dark but that sounds very much like Sugar Pie De Santo.....? Stunning track who ever she is.

Unknown said...

I check your blog almost daily, and every now and then I'd like to thank you, like today! Please keep it up, while so many others are shutting down!