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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Divine, majestic, sweeping, glorious: all adjectives that can be thrown around describing this record. Adding up the swirling organ, 4-on-the-floor-drumming, beautiful guitar playing, bubbling bass, and (best of all) those angelic voices from The O'Jays, this record is soul perfection personified.

This is another record that shows off the fact that Eddie Levert is one of the most underappreciated lead vocalists of the soul era; his performance here is as good as it gets.

While the O'Jays became one of the star acts of the Philadelphia soul scene of the '70's, their roots and beginnings in Canton, Ohio stretch far deeper. The group was formed in the late '50's, and cut their first record as The O'Jays in 1961, with a previous release as the Mascots the previous year.

The O'Jays released many singles on several labels throughout the '60's, practically all of which are fantastic. While the group never had the massive hit they deserved through the period, they soldiered on- one amazing performance at a time

from 1966...


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