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Saturday, July 18, 2009


While I tend to not be that interested in most of the 60's music I've heard from continental Europe, but this song from Dutch singer (and later TV celebrity in the Netherlands) definitely won me over when my girlfriend introduced it to me a few years back (she performed it in her former band, The Deccas).

It proved EXTREMELY difficult to find, but I'm glad it has a new home. Interestingly enough, this particular version of the 45 credits the group as 'Unit Gloria". From all I've read, Unit Gloria was founded a few years later. This pressing, is in fact, a later edition where "I Surrender" was used as the b-side of one of the most atrocious glam-rock style songs I've ever heard! Couldn't make it through even two minutes of it.

from 1969...



Anonymous said...

Wow! ...A Tremendous tune with soaring bacground vocals and a great beat.Thank you.I was also wondering if you know the Tune by Dee Dee,Joseph and David-The Devil made me do it? Gosh I wish some one would post that one.What a cool Blog you have Thank you very much for sharing..Regards,John.

Anonymous said...

Hello, good song! what is the a-side to this called? thanks. greg

philhorneman said...

i am Dutch and know this singer from way back but this tune doesn't ring a bell.
Unfortunetaly i cannot hear it.
Is there anyway you could send me the track?
I am a DJ in the genre you post your 45's so i am very interested

Derek See said...

Hi Phillippe-

I would be glad to send it to you; all I need is your email address (write me directly; dereksdaily45@gmail.com)