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Friday, July 24, 2009


Formed in London in 1965, this mixed race group of course scored a massive hit with "Baby Come Back". This follow up (a few singles later) shoulda been just as huge; pity that it wasn't.

For folks in my generation, Eddy Grant was an early MTV hero with his still fresh "Electric Avenue" and here, 20 year old (listed as "Edmond") Grant does a fantastic job in relaying the tale of being true to one's love.

Very nice also that the name "The Equals" was a commentary on the fact that this mixed race band were all, in fact, "equal".

from 1969...



John DeAngelis said...

Good one! The guitar riff and the drum break are definitely inspired by the Stones' "Satisfaction".

Anonymous said...

HI Derek.I like the Equals post. You sure do have some collection.Any chance to download this one? And might you have the Tune by Dee Dee,Joseph and David-The Devil made me do it? Thanks,John.

Anonymous said...

Derek I apoligize because the link is now up as you probably know. Sorry to complain You have a very nice Blog..peace,John.

Anonymous said...

I never knew Eddie Grant was in the Equals. Thanks for the post and Eddie Grant info!