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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Folks, I am out on the road again; after a journey from my California home to Auckland, New Zealand that took a total of nearly 15 hours in the sky and 6 hours at two airports, I am settled in and ready to dig into some great music from my "virtual" 45 collection on my laptop (lucky for you AND I!)

Today's entry is one of those moody, minor key masterpieces that just NAILS the lyrical content; one listen to this song and I get real mad and think crazy thoughts akin to "how in the HELL can you do that to sweet Betty, you JERK"!!!!! Young Betty (her second 45, and before the "e" was restored to her last name) doesn't necessarily want to let him go; just laments that he'll never change. Just as any great art, this seems VERY VERY real.

from 1963...


Johnnie K said...

Welcome to New Zealand Mr See. Presumably this is Bettye LaVette also known as Betty LaVette best known for Let Me Down Easy but my favourite of hers is I Feel Good [All Over]. Great song. Thanks yet again: Johnnie K.

Parallelograma said...

Amazing, languid and downtempo song. One of her best in my opinion. Loving your work, Sir!

Anonymous said...

Great song from a phenomenal singer. Just saw her live (again) a few weeks ago. She's a real performer. W.