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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Also known as Shirley Walker, Shirley was the lead singer of the Curtis Mayfield-produced FAscinations (I've featured a few of their sides in the past). Being as Duke was a Texas based label, perhaps she lived there BEFORE waxing the Fascinations sides with Curtis? I don't know, but if anyone does, I would love to know more of her story.

This is a beautiful, anthemic number that pushes higher and higher into the stars...

from 1966...

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ana-b said...

I don't know anything specific about Shirley Lawson, but I thought it worth saying that quite a few recordings issued by Duke/Peacock/Back Beat weren't recorded in Houston.

I believe a number of Bobby Bland sides were cut in Chicago, almost all O.V. Wright's were recorded in Memphis with Willie Mitchell, Jeanette Williams recorded in Detroit, etc.