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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Quite simply, one of the greatest UK mod records which incorporates elements of soul, beat, and psychedelia into a most appealing potion that's just gonna make you move. This is one of those records that just oozes excitement and all of the parts click so well, and, the record just flat out COOKS.

The Attack were pressured by producers to cut sides that didn't reflect their true strengths for the a-side, but the group was truly allowed to be themself on a scant handful of b-sides (including this group written song). Shortly after this record was cut in mid-67, guitarist Davey O'List split to join The Nice and bassist Gerry Henderson was off to join the massively successful Marmalade. Singer Richard Sherman assembled an all-new band, but it was all over for the Attack in early 1968.

from 1967...


Anonymous said...

when i click on "share", one choice to click on next is "link to mp3". However when I click on that, nothing happens.
I have a mac OS X version 10.4.11
Is there a way for me to ad the mp3 file of these wonderful records to my itune library?
Thanks in advance for the info, and after reading in a past 45 comments section what you do for all those hours to get a single one in your hands and ready for posting on your blog, kudos! and many many thanks, Derek.

Phil Daniels said...

I found 2 copies of this in my record box the other day. My favourite of theirs though is "Try It", a cover of the Standells i believe. It's lush.

Holly said...

@ anonymous- click on the divshare logo, not "share".