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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Here's a downright FREAKY record from Vancouver, Canada's THE COLLECTORS. As this was produced by David Hassinger (known for his work with the Electric Prunes), I'm assuming the group travelled to LA to cut this record.

Top side "Make It Easy" is a fantastic, punky, garage mover that would have fit in well on either of the the first two Love LP's (making it a bit anachronistic in 1968 but I'm sure glad they were able to unleash it). The other side, "Fat Bird" (which the radio station that took delivery of my personal copy marked as being the plug side) is like a freaky concoction of the Velvet Underground, old timey barn dance music and west coast psychedelia.

from 1968...




Holly said...

Thank for this!

Jason C said...

My only exposure to this band has been through my copy of their LP Grass and WIld Strawberries. I have to say this single sounds compeltely different than what they sound like on that LP.

Duncanmusic said...

Wow, Derek! I've never seen this one, nor have I ever even heard of it and I am a HUGE fan of the Warner Bros edition of the Collectors > Chilliwack. The first WB Lp is an all time fave of mine, so I'm ready for these!
I'd like to suggest a Label run...I kniow you've got some of thoise rare Beau Brummels/Sal Valentinos and other Warner Reprise rarities from the late 60s. Bboy I love that era. At one time I would LUNGE at anything on those labels...still DO, especially with the old 50s and early 60s LPs...hard to find many of those old promo 45s anymore.
Thanks for this one.