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Thursday, March 10, 2011


This song is a r&b standard, and there's many great versions (it's one of those songs that's so immediate, so direct that it would take some truly lousy musicians to lay down a lame version), but something about hearing this one for the first time just made me say HELL YEAH. It was one of those moments that us record fanatics savor; I was going through a big stack of Australian records and this was one that within the first five seconds I knew was gonna rock my socks off. And it did.

Turns out Tony Worsley was born in the UK but relocated to Brisbane, Australia where he hooked up with The Blue Jays well after they initially formed in 1959. From what I have read, Tony was surly, rebellious and gruff (which comes across on the record) and one of the first in OZ to grow Beatle length hair.

from 1965...


Anonymous said...

Sweet tweets from the Blue Jays!

Anonymous said...

More on Tony here http://www.milesago.com/Artists/ArtistFrames.htm

For those interested in Australian 60s pop and rock should further explore that fantastic Milesago website.

Bertadog said...

Elvis did this song I believe on the Raised On Rock Album or some other lp from 75or 76 I'm not sure. When Elvis wanted to he could pick'em.
Great Song Great Blog Thank You!!!!!!