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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


There's something about the mix of (Steve) Morgen's wispy vocals mixed with fuzzed out, raw psychedelia that's very appealing here. A bombastic vocalist would turn the track into a relatively generic track, but the childlike vocals and lyrics add an English-like edge to the track, which truly elevates during the more restrained chorus-like section (staring for the first time around :48).

Morgen's LP is very rare and very collectable, but for my ears it's this single that's priceless.

from 1969...


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1 comment:

Timmy said...

This one's so bitchen, that it really did make time warp, in the sense, that everything has been changed, like at a fusion of melted lava being frozen & some god from ancient epochs picks it up & licks it like a pop-pshicle.