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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Like so many long running vocal groups, Los Angeles' Younghearts (aka Young Hearts, New Young Hearts, The Standards, The Bells) saw major lineup changes through their career. The group was formed in 1961 at Dorsey High School in L.A by Bobby Sanders and Charles Ingersoll, and with many members coming and going, the group lived on through the 70's, although longtime member Bobby Solomon tragically died of cancer in 1975 at age 31. A nice history of the group can be found here.

One constant with any Younghearts record is the quality of the vocalists, whoever they may be on the track. I love the relaxed proto-disco feel of this record, and those amazing harmonies on the intro just knock me out every time I hear them.

from 1973...


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The McFersons said...

About 10 years ago at a Northern Soul in downtown Los Angeles, one of the Younghearts was in attedance. The DJ played "A Little Togetherness" and the crowd went crazy. The ex-band member was completely emotional, having no idea of the impact his music still had on people. I saw him in the lobby area of the hotel later and thanked him myself. He said that for 30+ years he thought nobody knew about his music and yet thousands actually loved it. It was amazing and humbling.

Derek See said...

Thanks for sharing! One of my goals in doing this siter is that the forgotten heroes of these records will see how much their music is loved. It has worked, as several have contacted me!