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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Carnival Records released some fabulous soul records in the 60's, and are known most for being the label that began the career of The Manhattans, under the direction of label head and producer Joe Evans (born 1916). Evans' story is remarkable; he performed with a virtual who's who of jazz music, and also became involved in r&b in the early 60's.

Harry Caldwell released 2 singles on Carnival; this was his debut followed by another several years later. Caldwell certainly had the talent- his smooth delivery recalls Sam Cooke. I'm afraid that I have no biographical info on the singer, and as Carnival was based in Newark, NJ, I assume he was from the NJ/NYC area.

Despite the quality of the record, Carnival simply did not have the means to push their releases into national hit making territory.

from 1966...


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