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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Not content with cutting the greatest Beatles sound-alike EVER (the brilliant "Lies", 1965), this New Jersey group followed it up with a single that was nearly as great; the energy level was just as high, and the sound was more their own (while still maintaining a strong British beat influence).

Allegedly, this song was well on its way to becoming a follow-up smash (it peaked at #45 on the charts), but Challenge Records could not adequately distribute the record. A pity, as this is one of the most exciting rock n roll records of 1966; a year that I hold as THE GREATEST year for rock n roll.

from 1966...


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Anonymous said...

you're absolutely right, tho I go with 65-66 as the pinnacle of American pop.

Their "High on Love" is great too but lacks the commercial zing of "One Track Mind."

YankeeBoy said...

I agree with yo about 1966 - definitely the BEST year for R&R. I'm sure you already have, but in case you haven't - flip this record over. The B-side "I Must Be Doing Something Right" is just as great.