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Monday, November 12, 2012


(originally posted 11/08)

Along with Millie Small, Jamaica's Blues Busters (Lloyd Cambell and Phillip James) were one of the first groups that crossed over into the American pop scene, at the dawn of the rock steady era. The group's recording career began in the late 50's, when Jamaican records were nearly spot-on recreations of the New Orleans r&b sound. Several of these records are heard on the excellent Trojan R&B collection.

As a vocal harmony fanatic, I rate this song as one of the GREAT harmony performances of all time; just absolute magic happening here, folks, on top of a gorgeous song.

The group recorded an album in New York City after performing at the World's Fair, and there are several other US releases from the '60's (of which I have never found, unfortunately).

from 1964...


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Unknown said...

is it me, or does this have a Beatles flavor to it ?