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Sunday, November 11, 2012


Somewhere around 1980, a TV show went back into syndication that made an indelible impact on who I am. Mom had already given me her 45's from the '60's so my music education and fanaticism  had already begun. These fellas o TV that hung out having fun playing music together, chasing cute girls, wearing cool clothes, and driving a boss car truly cemented who I wanted to be. Today we get to see hero Michael Nesmith perform these songs live with The Monkees; stoked doesn't even BEGIN to describe it!
Of course I've taken lots of flack over the years from people who can't get over the fact that the group was manufactured and that they didn't play on their hits. So what? For one thing, EVERY group is manufactured- whether it's picking friends or picking people that fit the mold and vision, everything is based on some sort of manufacturing when a band is assembled. As for the studio musicians playing on the tracks- practically from the beginning The Beach Boys tracks were played by studio musicians. It just doesn't matter; fact is, three of these guys WERE legit musicians before the group was assembled, and the late Davy Jones was such a good sport he learned how to play rudimentary bass for their '60's concerts. When I first saw them in the '80's he played some very respectable guitar as well. But truly all that matters are the songs (which are loved by so many), and in the case of the Monkees, the brilliant visual images of the TV show and their freaky film Head, from which this track is drawn from.
Micky Dolenz is a very, very fine singer- gifted with one hell of a range and lots of power, he puts it to its greatest use on this stellar track. The cherry on top is lead guitar provided by (then) Buffalo Springfield member Neil Young. This 45 is a single-only mono mix as well.

from 1968...

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clawthing said...

I'm by no means familiar with their whole catalogue, but that has to be the best thing I've ever heard by the Monkees. Gorgeous song. Completely agree with what you're saying about manufactured bands. I suppose I used to be a bit of a purist (well okay, a snob!)about it, but eventually I realised that the only thing that matters is the music. If it sounds great it IS great, and it doesn't matter how it came to be, whether it's by a means some people consider authentic or not.