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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Congratulations to President Obama (hero); it wasn't close; he won by a LANDSLIDE!!!! Decency, honesty, integrity, civic mindedness wins over greed, dishonesty, and viewpoints that could have put us back socially to the 1950's. The above record box has come with me all over the US, Europe and Australia- sticker placed on after the victory in 2008.

I've been running the daily 45 for five years; while I have not run out of records to feature (and I'm still finding stuff all the time) i order to keep my level of quality up, I am gonna take this opportunity to start featuring some of my favorite past posts, probably every other day. Here it begins with this record that shouts out celebration.

(original post, 22 January 2009)
This is one of the best drum intros EVER! It's probably Maurice White (later of Earth Wind And Fire) pounding out the jackhammer intro on this stormer!

Tony Clarke wrote a few great tracks for Etta James, and released a handful of singles on his own for the mighty Chess records. In an ugly turn of events, Tony was murdered (allegedly by his wife in a domestic dispute) in 1970.While I could never excuse the disgrace of violence against women, I have learned to separate the music from the people who created it.

from 1967...


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tut said...

runnin` past faves is a great idea!
love the blog!