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Saturday, December 1, 2012


Born Clive Powell and re-named Georgie Fame against his will by huckster/ manager Larry Parnes, Georgie Fame is one of the UK's finest musicians- his r&b/ jazz hybrid has helped establish a lifelong career in music, and he is still active today (as Van Morrison's organist and band leader).

This fantastic record was Georgie's first #1 hit in the UK (and was massive on the continent as well, resulting in a German language version), and it's easy to see why- a swingin' jazzy track with great vocals, and a lead up to the chorus (when he sings the line about "turning the lights down low") that is simply PERFECT in how it stops time and changes the mood of the song from something light into a very powerful moment.when all is said and done, we practically have the British equivalent of a Ray Charles track; it certainly has the same class, musicianship and groove!

Plus, could he possibly look any cooler than he does on the cover of this French EP? I think not.

from 1964...



Casswriter said...

A great tune written by Pat Patrick, father of Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick. Jon Hendricks of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross penned the swingin' lyrics. Groovy, baby!

JH said...

Thanks for the great memory and info regarding Georgie and Van Morrison ... love it!

AndrewT said...

Fantastic cut. Reminds me of good times and the days when I knew how to dance.

Darcy said...

Adding it to my collection on 45cat just now I see it was released as "Yeah, Yeah", "Yeh, Yeh", and even "Yeah, Yeh, Yeh". Those record company suits were clearly confused by all the hipster talk.