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Saturday, January 5, 2013


London, in 1963, was a city transfixed and energized by the electric blues sounds that were all but brushed aside as passe in its homeland of Chicago. Names such as The Yardbirds, Pretty Things and The Rolling Stones were aping the Chess records sound and creating a movement that in turn rejuvenated electric blues to a whole new audience in the United States.

Purveyors of an even rawer sound were Downliners Sect; on the flipside of a rather lightweight cover of The Coasters (minor) hit "Little Egypt" (a big hit in Sweden, which is where my copy came from) is a great version of a song later covered more famously by Elvis Presley (a great version from '72) that shows the 'Sect were rank contemporaries of the more famous bands. I don't think the Sect were the first to cut this song, but I can't think of any earlier versions. If you know of any, please write.

from 1964...



Tutti Jackson said...

The Spidells also did a version. I don't know which was first.

JohnnyDiego said...

It looks like The Spidells version was released in 1964 as well and is listed as the first release but I don't know if Downliners Sect was issued before or after.
Second Hand Songs doesn't list Downliners Sect but does list Bobby Bare 1967 and Billy Fury 2006.


Derek See said...

Interesting. The Sect version was released in late '64 so it's doubtful they got it from the Spidells. Both bands probably learned it from a publisher's acetate I'm guessing.