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Saturday, December 27, 2008


One of the greatest of all Motown records, and one that should have been a massive hit.

At six feet tall, blue eyed/ blonde haired Chris Clark was a native Californian from Santa Cruz. She was the first white woman who recorded for Motown, and worked behind the scenes at Motown for several years. WHAT a voice!

from 1966...


While I'm at it, I can't resist adding this video of my band (The Bang Girl Group Revue) performing 'Love's Gone Bad". That's my lovely wife Angeline taking the lead vocals, and I'm on guitar.


pujwa said...

Thanks for posting this. Never heard it before. Love's Gone Bad has been a favorite of mine since I found the single in a Aunt of mines stack of 45's. Enjoy all of your postings very much.

Anonymous said...

She is great, but I too had never heard of this one. (It's not even listed on her discog at the great soulful kinda music - http://www.soulfulkindamusic.net/cclark.htm ) Thanks for another revelation! W.

Wilthomer said...

This is a great 45! I scored her LP a few months back and it's stellar!