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Saturday, December 6, 2008


It looks like this glorious group only cut one other 45 (which I haven't heard) which is a shame because they are a glorious last gasp of the classic girl group sound, coming in at a time when funk was the dominant force on the horizon. Perhaps an example of too much too late? Regardless, this is an absolutely amazing song with stellar vocals. Produced by the Godfather himself, james Brown!

from 1969...

And if you live in the bay area, SHAGG is among us TONIGHT!!!



Anonymous said...

I have two comped tracks by the Devonnes - Doin' The Gettin' Up (prod by Larry Banks) and I'm Gonna Pick Up My Toys (And Go Home) - which I think is probably the same group. If you look at the King discography for this number at http://www.globaldogproductions.info/k/king-6000-series.html there's two listing for this catalog number, this one and one with the a different flip and the group as the Devons. Interesting.
Anyway, as always, thanks shedding light on another great number.

Unknown said...

Greetings Derek, My name is Jimmie Boone Amos.I was the lead singer of The DeVons. At the time this particular song was recorded at was only fifteen years old. The group which consisted of myself and my two best friends Debra and D.J. recorded two other songs "Wise Up Girl" and "Groovin' with my thing". I thank you for bringing back so many wonderful memories for me. I can be contacted at my e-mail address: sugar915588@aol.com if you like. Again thanks for the memories!!!!