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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Right from the opening riff of this song you just KNOW it's gonna be a heater!

I know nothing about this group other than it's a New Orleans cut and that I have a few more by them but this one is by far the best.

The sneering putdown lyrics are a gas, too.

Perhaps the "H.Smith" listed as co-writer is Huey "Piano' Smith? Hmmmmm.....

As always, if you have any additional info, please write!

from 1968...



Funky16Corners said...

It is Huey Piano Smith related. He was writing and producing a bunch of stuff for Instant during that period.

Pete W said...

Yep, definitely Huey!- but long after his hitmaking days on Ace. The A side, "Coo Coo Over You", made some noise regionally in '68.

Unknown said...

It was indeed the "Piano" man himself on this record. "Hippie" is a big fave of mine. I love the twangy guitar lick that seems to play against the groove.

The Stepfather of Soul

Ryan Shepard said...

Just seeing a blank bar where the player should be, but this looks great!

Derek See said...

If there's a blank bar, just click reload. It's there, I can assure you! Thanks all for confirming that it is Huey Smith. Yik Yik Yik!

Anonymous said...

thought i'd throw in my two cents....

The answer song to Coo Coo Over You...Feelin Kinda Coo Coo Too, also by the Hueys but with Brenda Brandon taking the lead, is way worth owning. Better than the original imo.

Just cause no one else mentioned it, Huey Smith was also behind the records put out as the The Pitter Pats around the same time.

If i recall correctly, he also produced Skip Easterlings knockout version of Hoochie Coochie Man, which is also on the Instant label.