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Friday, July 10, 2009


Yesterday I had a very friendly request for something by Wanda Jackson, and who am I to say no to a request like THAT?

In a very brief nutshell, Wanda is from the sticks in Oklahoma, and when she was young her family moved to California (her father was a musician) but shortly afterwords they ended up back in Oklahoma (City). Country star Hank Thompson discovered her around 1954, and she cut was signed to Decca and cut some lovely western numbers and found herself on the road (and dating) Elvis Presley in 1955 who encouraged her to cut some rockabilly. Not only did she cut some sides, but she became the queen.

THIS track, however, is unlike anything else really. Although it was relegated to a b-side, this song has taken on a life of its' own and is hugely popular on the r&b oldies club scene (especially popular in Belgium where songs with the so-called "popcorn" beat are huge. I find this song to have much more in the way of CHUTZPAH than most of the popular popcorn tracks, though).

Allow me to brag and say that we got to see her do this one live in new Orleans a few months ago, with stellar backing by Deke Dickerson and The Ecco-Fonics. Hot stuff indeed.

from 1961...



ryanb said...

wow. this is great...i've played this 10 times already. thanks so much.. I had never heard of wanda until this morning when I checked your blog...any chance you have more music by her? I'd love to hear it.

Chris Prorock said...

Classic single. All of Wanda's early A-side were dynamite. Fantastic blog, by the way!

buthead said...

Best thing she ever did & she's still giving it some I believe.
ATB, Craig

Anonymous said...

One of my all time fave tracks. Hooray! W.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Wanda song. Now all I need to do is find "Riot In Cell Block #9"...HOT.

Unknown said...

Nice popcorn-tune, Dj's in the popcornscene slow down the speed a little than the have a nice ryhthem for dancing.

For me, you can play more of that.

Greatings from Belgium


Unknown said...

Nice popcorntune, Dj's of the Belgium popcornscene slow down the speed a little, that the have a nice ryhthem for dancing.

For me, you can play more of this :-))

greatings from belgium

gorie hallelujah said...


Joe Whimster said...

I'm delighted to finally beat you to the punch with something Derek! I posted this on my blog last month. It's an awesome track. I also posted a Rick Nelson track, "Gypsy Woman", which I think has a similar vibe (http://northeastbeast.blogspot.com/2009/06/rick-nelson-gypsy-woman.html ).

A few days ago I also posted some Darrow Fletcher, Doris and Kelley and Roger and the Gypsies as something of a tribute to the fantastic stuff you've introduced me to in the last few months.

Tiger Tiger said...

check out a killer version of this tune recently done by Southern Culture On The Skids off of their"Countrypolitan Favorites" record. It smokes!