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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The Sandy Wynns heard here is actually Edna Wright; a brilliant Southern California singer who found her greatest fame (much deserved!) as lead singer of early 70's pop soul group the Honey Cone. Prior to her foray as Sandy Wynns, Edna was also a member of the Crystals where she sang with her sister Darlene Love on the classic 'He's A Rebel"! Sandy/ Edna's vocal performance on this song is the stuff of legend showing incredibly precise pitch within daring vocal glissando's that give the song an ethereal quality.

I saw Edna front the Honey Cone a few years back, and she most certainly still has IT; her powerful voice hasn't faded at all and still can blow the roof off!

The late producer/ songwriter Ed Cobb also has a mind boggling incredible resume; as a songwriter he penned such greats as "Every Little Bit Hurts", "Tanted Love", as well as working with legendary psych group The Chocolate Watchband.

from 1965...

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Unknown said...

Excellent tune. Thank you!