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Saturday, January 1, 2011


...and let's hope all you DOGS get your day in this new year; have a happy one!

When it comes down to it, there's something about a good Eddie Bo 45 that just screams of good times and gives a good feeling all around, and this one drives that point home into the new year and beyond. This record is especially cool as it is (I think) the earliest example that has that wild style of polyrhythmic drumming that later became a Bo staple. This record sounds VERY advanced for 1960!

Plus, I need to make up for a goof in yesterday's post that was pointed out by a friend of mine- Jean Wells was not from NOLA but Florida (I had a small brain lapse and confused Jean Wells with jean Knight); there is no doubt that Eddie Bo was from New Orleans.

from 1960...


Steve said...

Great start to the new year Derek! This does sound 'newer' than 1960...It also sounds way better than much of the junk that was on the top 40 (or 30 etc) back then...

Tad Richards said...

How do you embed the mp3 in your blog page?

Great site!

Anonymous said...

Utterly utterly amazing track!! Killer drums, as you say. Do you know who the drummer was?? He was a don!

Anonymous said...

Good feeling for starting 2011.
Thanks for sharing and best wishes


Jeroen said...

Played this one out during New Year's Party in Rotterdam. A winner!

cedric verhaeghe said...

happy new year Derek
keep on spreading the good word on this blog and educating me (musicaly at least !!!!)
fantastic !

DaveO said...

Wow, superb track! Like you say, it does sound way ahead of things for 1960. Thanks!

Marc said...

Thank You.Nice selection of tunes here!
The drummer is John Boudreaux.


Derek See said...

Cedric, hope to work with you again in 2011!!!!!!

ana-b said...

As far as I know, the drummer on this track is unknown, but versions of this beat show up prior to this on several records, including two by Smiley Lewis.

I'm thinking it was Earl Palmer playing on the Lewis recordings, but he had moved to the west coast by the time this 45 was issued. So could be he was the originator and someone else copped the beat.

But ya know, if I had to guess, I'd say it's Hungry Williams on this 45 and maybe even on the Lewis sides too, which of course would mean I'm entirely wrong about Palmer.

As I say, just a guess.

Marc said...

Hi ana-b,

I found the entry for John Boudreaux (d) on the Eddie Bo disc in W.Bruyninckx Jazz Discography.


ana-b said...

Marc....Thanks for the info, your comment wasn't showing when I posted mine.