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Saturday, January 8, 2011


On their debut single, this British group nailed it; namely, a fantastic r&b driven psychedelic beat monster! This record just oozes tension and excitement that gets driven home by the wild guitar break. Coincidentally, just as yesterday's entry featured a great bass guitar intro, THIS ONE DOES TOO.

While there wasn't an actual Elmer Gantry in the band, lead singer Dave Terry adopted a cape and preacher's hat as worn by the "Elmer Gantry" character in the film of the same name. Whoever he was, he was a fantastic singer and I would bet that he was one helluva showman as well.

from 1968...



Greenockian said...

GREAT track - yet again!
As much info as you could possibly want here on the band/singer:

Hive45 said...
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Duncanmusic said...

This was kind of the 'weird' track on one of those CBS late 60s compilations we only got here in the States if we were lucky "The Rock Machine Turns You On" it had that marbled vinyl mix like Dave Mason's "Alone Together"
This song led me to find the US release which didn't ever sell much as I remember. I've only seen the LP itself a dozen or more times ever,
Makes me want to cover it with my band.

Anonymous said...

Great track ! Elmer Gantry later found chart success with"Why did you do it ?" by STRETCH, I think.