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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Standing alongside The Beau Brummels, San Francisco's Mojo Men were one of the first San Francisco rock 'n roll bands to put their sound to wax. This record was first released on Autumn Records, coinciding with the buyout of that SF label by Warner Brothers records who, realising its hit potential (which was never realized) quickly reissued it on their Reprise Records subsidiary.

Shortly after the time of this release, the group featured a mojo woman on drums; namely, Jan Errico (herself sister to Sly & The Family Stone drummer Greg Errico). Sly Stone himself co-wrote the track and is the producer. Stories of Sly's enthusiasm in the studio are the stuff of legend, and I can just visualize seeing him behind the mixing board with that infectious smile, dancing all around the control room as this track was cut.

Sadly, the track never achieved the hit status that it truly deserved.

from 1966...


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MAD4MUSIC said...

A stone cold classic! Love that fuzzed-out intro!