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Monday, March 18, 2013


(originally posted 3/18/09)

UPDATE SINCE THE FIRST POSTING:Jazzman Records HAS issued this song on their Soul Spectrum comp, mastered off of my very own 45.

Barbara Lynn is certainly no stranger to this blog!

Seems as though I have featured more of her singles on this blog than any other artist. No way for me to hide how much I love her.

I am very happy to say that after a long period of either being outbid on ebay for it (and also thinking GASP do I really want to pay THAT MUCH for this record????) I'm now the proud owner of this 45 that is said there are about 20 known copies of. It's NEVER been reissued or included on any comps (I'd like to fix that- if anyone who produces reissues is reading, please email me. I would love to see this get reissued somehow).

Of course, just because something is RARE doesn't mean I want to listen to it! This infectious record absolutely slays me!

This record was cut after Barbara Lynn moved to L.A and was comfortably settled into motherhood and only gigging locally, occasionally. There was a LONG period (about 5 years) where she didn't record anything, and there was a gap of another 4 years or so after this.

from 1979...



phipps11 said...

Thanks for this. I thought I'd heard all her music already. -- Jon

Anonymous said...

Love to hear these, but divshare isn't working (again.) Will pop back later.

jersk6 said...

This may be the perfect song. It's good there are only twenty copies, as all other songs would seem vastly inferior. If pop 45s are rock, paper, scissors: this is the atomic bomb

drlaim said...

Brilliant song, many thanks... It is however, part of the recently released " Soul Spectrum Records Vol 1" compiled by Euan Fryer of Fryer Records/Soul Spectrum and partner of Gerald Short, he of Jazzman Records fame. Superb Comp available on vinyl. Here's a link to all songs on the album...


Derek See said...

DrLaim, read my update at the top of the post! I provided a master off of my 45 for them for this comp.

drlaim said...

Hi Derek, That's amazing... you must be proud... I know Euan, great guy, as he resides in Edinburgh just 20 miles away from where I stay... I'll certainly pull him up about this... and many thanks for the 3 Degrees download.