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Sunday, March 3, 2013


"Precious Words" sounds like it's straight out of the church, but with secular lyrics. The disc was the second release from the teenage Wallace Brothers (featuring several actual Wallace brothers- including Ervin on vocals and guitar, plus cousin Johnny Simon (also on vocals).

Raw and emotional, this disc epitomizes southern soul music.

from 1964...


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strandwolf said...

Thank you. A cornerstone of my musical identity. Don't know if I ever heard it on the radio--believe I did in fact, on a great KPFA vintage rock/doo-wop show back when the song was an oldie all right--12 or so years old. But I found a copy or 2 and maybe it made some RnB compilation LP. The strained earnestness of the lead singer just hit my core and yet does. Thanks to the Wallaces for pulling out the stops and the producer for having the sense to let 'em just rip w/o any fripperies.